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Internal programs build tenure and client confidence

A commitment to training its people for sustained success means industry leading retention for PeopleIN’s professional services recruitment business Perigon Group … and big wins for the business and its clients.


In 2010, Perigon Group opened the doors of its first office in Sydney with aspirations to redefine professional and executive recruitment. Fast forward to 2024, and the business has achieved enormous growth and become synonymous with success and innovation in the industry.

By 2013 Business Review Weekly had named the business list on its list of the ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Start Ups’. The growth trajectory continued, and so did the accolades, as Perigon Group was recognised on the Australian Financial Review’s ‘Fastest Growing Companies’ list for three consecutive years. And it’s a deliberate and purposeful emphasis on talent development, and the nurturing of new hires, which has aided this trajectory and positioned Perigon Group as a proactive force in the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment.

The success of the business can be attributed to its culture and values. The commitment to talent development is evident in the emphasis placed on fostering a supportive environment that rewards high performance and sets clear, achievable goals for consultants.

Five years ago, Perigon Group’s leadership designed and implemented its highly successful Talent Development Plan. As a rapidly expanding business it faced the challenge of a highly ambitious workforce with huge potential yet lacking organisational structure to cater for clear promotion pathways aligned to our values. The Talent Development Plan was implemented as a means, to not only map talent, but identify leadership opportunities and succession planning which made sense and was aligned to the personal goals of salespeople. It helps the leadership team with consistent communication regarding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) essential for success, aligning them with our cultural and behavioural values. The result is a holistic talent plan that directly and positively influenced organisational culture.

And it’s clearly working. When people join Perigon Group they tend to stay as shown by remarkably low turnover rates among the lowest in the industry. The average tenure among all employees is more than four years; for the leadership it’s far longer with directors each having spent more than a decade with the business.

Tenure at Perigon Group


Average Tenure (Years)

Directors (x5)


Av. total career experience - Directors




Av. total career experience - Managers


Average tenure among all employees


Recruitment is a business built on relationships and relationships are built on trust. Consultants with long tenures at the same agency instil trust and confidence from clients. Clients appreciate the stability and continuity that come with seasoned consultants, as they demonstrate reliability and a proven track record of successfully placing candidates aligned with their organisation's culture and goals. The longevity of a recruitment consultant within an agency is a testament to their dedication, expertise, and ability to consistently deliver high-quality talent solutions, reinforcing the client's trust in their capability to find the right candidates for their business.

Of course, tenure in any business must have a beginning. New entrants join an organisation full of enthusiasm for a new role however it’s the experience they have after the initial settling in which determines if they will stay.

Recognising the pivotal role they play in shaping the future of the industry, Perigon Group places great attention and resources into building the knowledge and skills of young consultants and those new to the recruitment sphere. The Rookie Program is at the heart of this commitment to nurture new talent. The directors take a hands-on approach, personally leading workshops to their nationally dispersed teams who benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring. The program focuses on building strong foundational knowledge about factors influencing client businesses and recruitment decision-making. Participants are encouraged to think commercially at all times, understanding where to acquire the knowledge they need and how to maintain a consistent flow of intelligence.

The first Rookie Program for 2024 will be held in February. And, for the first time, participation will extend beyond new starters with Perigon Group, as rookies from sister brand Halcyon Knights (itself a leader in IT recruitment across Australia) under PeopleIN’s professional services portfolio will also participate. This collaboration will enhance the skills of the combined workforce, promoting shared learning experiences and a sense of community within the broader organisation.

The collaborative nature of these programs offers a unique opportunity for rookies to hear diverse ideas and understand the varied paths to success. The emphasis on building a community that values and celebrates different perspectives contributes to the holistic development of consultants, creating a culture that recognises the importance of continuous learning and collaboration.

Perigon Group's commitment to nurturing new entrants and established performers extends beyond regular induction and training programs. Hands-on mentoring from leaders, a focus on commercial thinking, ongoing support, and collaborative initiatives, ensure all team members have a strong skills foundation but also continue to thrive and evolve as they contribute to the organisation's success.

This dedication to talent development underscores Perigon's position as a leader in the recruitment sector, setting the standard for excellence in nurturing its own people so they best placed to help you find yours.


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