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As a large and diverse talent solutions business, we’re uniquely placed with a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment and workforce management landscape.

In a post pandemic world, businesses are seeking to rebalance the relationship with their people. Employees want greater flexibility with how, when and where they work and technology has evolved rapidly, enabling people to interact with each other across countries and across the world. But, by facilitating hybrid and/or fully individualised work patterns is it at the cost of culture and is it inadvertently fostering a sense of disconnection and isolation?

Our recent Employee Engagement research sought to answer these, and other questions.


Its findings were overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating the strength of our team culture, leadership, diversity, innovation and more. 


Check out some of the highlights below.

Image by Lukas Blazek



We employee more than 900 people within our businesses operating across most states of Australia, in New Zealand and Singapore.


Roles are diversified across industries including recruitment, staffing, and talent management, project management, surveying and shared services (including human resources, finance, technology, marketing and administration).


In October 2023 we invited them to participate in PeopleIN’s latest groupwide Employee Engagement Survey.



Be Extraordinary



Be Memorable


Overall, PeopleIN employees are very positive about their working experience with their immediate managers / supervisors.



Be Bold



Be Human


believe PeopleIN treats employees fairly regardless of their age, gender, race or colour, sexual orientation, family or marital status, or disability.


(This is 6 points above the global average and 2 percentage points higher than the industry norms.)


told us they see PeopleIN as a place where employees of different backgrounds can succeed.




Performance enablement

Enabling performance through clear workflows and the right tools.


Promote a thriving culture to optimize people wellbeing.


Foster a stronger sense of connection between employees and group by creating a consistent PeopleIN experience.


Why it’s important to ask our people and how it helps us grow?

"Measuring employee satisfaction and collecting feedback empowers businesses to make informed decisions on how they attract, develop, and retain top performing talent. Engagement surveys allow employees to share honest feedback about what they like (and what they don’t) about working for an organisation.

Surveying our people taught us about their commitment, motivation and passion for their work and for PeopleIN. We gained insights on where the Group and its brands are thriving as well as more detailed understanding of where there’s room to improve.

It’s important to remember that, just like the needs of the business, employee needs will change over time. What we learned from this survey, will likely be different in the future. That’s why it’s vital to listen constantly and act swiftly when, and where, change is needed.

While PeopleIN is a young business, some of our brands have operated for many years and have achieved operational maturity with established workplace cultures. We’re lucky to be able to draw on the shared expertise of seasoned business leaders. Combining this knowledge with the wisdom of our people gained through this survey, help us collectively deliver on our organisational goals for growth and prosperity."

Carla Stieper
Head of People

Who is PeopleIN?

PeopleIN is Australia's largest ASX-listed talent solutions company. We operate 26 workforce and staffing brands specialising in niche talent across three verticals - Professional Services, Healthcare, & Community and Industrial & Specialist Services.


We connect more than 33,500 people to roles every year and are uniquely structured to provide deeply specialised talent solutions at scale, across a broad range of sectors.


Join the PeopleIN family and build your career with an ASX-listed business experiencing extraordinary growth. We work with the best of the best, all aligned to our collective vision to transform workforce management in Australia.


If you're looking for a truly People-first company, get in contact or apply for one of our roles today.

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