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Increase the value of your commission

Turn $1 of commission into $1.50 worth of shares

Own part of the most successful Talent Solutions companies founded in Australia

See your professional success translate directly to increased financial success

Introducing the PeopleIN Employee Share Scheme, part of INvest, our employee investment platform.

Employees earning commissions can boost its value by swapping commissions for 1.5X the value in PeopleIN shares.

Swap your $1 of commission for $1.50 worth of shares


Nominate an amount between 50-100% of your commission to be received in shares. 

We'll match that with an additional 50 cents on every dollar (e.g. $10,000 of pre-tax commission becomes $15,000 worth of shares).

Watch your shares grow as we drive the PeopleIN share price forward.

As the share price grows, so does the value of your allocated commissions*

Share Price
No. of Shares
Increased Value of Shares
Percentage Increase

 This scenario is based on an allocation of 3,750 shares after swapping $10,000 in commission for $15,000 in share value. $15,000/$4 = 3,750 shares.

Own a part of Australia’s largest ASX-listed talent solutions company and make our success, your success.

  • Who do I contact if I have queries about my performance rights once they have been granted?
    Contact Link through
  • How do I access my employee portal with Link?
    Simply visit
  • Do I need to accept the email from Link when received to receive my performance rights?
    Yes, all offers are online and you will need to look out for an email (please check your junk inbox) to accept any offers.
  • Will the contribution be post or pre-tax?
  • Are all consultants eligible?
    Yes, every consultant is eligible to particulate in the scheme.
  • How much of my commission can I contribute?
    Anywhere from 50-100% of your commission.
  • How does it work if I'm paid commission on a monthly basis, not quarterly or half yearly?
    It still works the same, you simply collate what commissions you'd like to exchange at the end of each quarter or half year period.
  • What happens to dividends in the first 12 months? (Are they accrued on the initial amount? The total which includes the 50% uplift? Or not at all?)
    Dividends are paid on ordinary shares i.e. once they vest, not on the performance rights which haven’t yet vested.
  • Is there an option to invest commission + base? (i.e. more than 100% of commission)
    Not at this stage. Salary is not able to be invested, only variable remuneration (not fixed).
  • Am I able to invest in a trust instead of my own name?
    Performance Rights can be issued in the employee’s name or in the name of a trust. Staff that are looking at ways to minimise their tax contributions should first speak with their financial advisor. Should you wish to nominate a trust, for example, a form needs to be completed which can be downloaded from your employee portal with Link once you are granted the performance rights.

*As with any share price, the PeopleIN share price can fluctuate time to time for a variety of reasons. While projections for our share price remain strong, PeopleIN cannot guarantee share price growth or growth rate.

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