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Nurturing Australia's Nursing Future: a ground breaking initiative for clinical facilitators

In an important development for Australia's healthcare sector, Network Nursing Agency (NNA) has been invited to advise a consortium of tertiary institutions, seeking to develop a formal qualification for clinical facilitators. This initiative promises to reshape the landscape of nursing education and workforce readiness across New South Wales.

Australia's commitment to delivering high-quality, equitable and universally accessible healthcare has long been a cornerstone of our nation's values. But, to maintain this level of healthcare excellence, a diverse range of healthcare professionals is required.

At the heart of our healthcare system lies the nursing and midwifery sector, constituting a remarkable 55 percent of the total healthcare workforce 1. However, against the backdrop of escalating healthcare demands, heightened by an ageing population, a report to national cabinet this year found "a severe shortage of nurses, will see Australia requiring an additional 46,000 registered nurses needed by 2026, including those required in aged care" 2.

Clinical facilitators play a vital role in preparing future nurses with the skills and resilience to address this gap and NNA is set to play a key part in recognising and valuing their contribution. Experienced nurses themselves, clinical facilitators work in educational institutions and healthcare settings to provide nursing students with hands-on training and guidance. They are role models, boosting self-assurance and arming students with skills to lessen stress and burnout when they transition to the workforce.

NNA has worked with universities in Sydney for more than a decade to develop an important partnership with their nursing programs. Central to this partnership is a commitment to establish a nationally recognised and transferable qualification for clinical facilitators. This move is not just a leap forward in standardising the training process but also a crucial step in elevating the mentorship quality for new nurses. By ensuring new entrants into the nursing profession are guided by highly qualified professionals, the quality of patient care and the overall health system's efficacy will significantly improve.

This initiative emerges against the backdrop of pressing challenges in Australia's nursing sector including escalating shortages, workforce burnout and the necessity for continuous education all underscoring the need for innovative solutions to grow the talent pool. The new qualification program proposed by the universities addresses these challenges head-on, offering a strategic approach to mentorship and training in nursing.

NNA's role in this collaborative effort highlights their decade-long dedication to nursing excellence. With a history of nurturing and supporting the nursing workforce, NNA's involvement in this initiative reflects their proactive stance in addressing the evolving needs of the healthcare sector. This partnership is a testament to their vision of empowering clinical facilitators with the tools and knowledge necessary to cultivate a resilient and skilled nursing workforce.

The benefits of this program extend beyond the immediate training of nurses. It promises enhanced career opportunities and professional development for clinical facilitators, fostering a more dynamic and competent nursing workforce. This initiative is particularly crucial in preparing nurses to meet the diverse healthcare needs of Australia’s population, including those in rural and remote areas.

The establishment of a formal qualification for clinical facilitators marks a significant stride in ensuring that the nursing profession in Australia remains vibrant, competent, and well-equipped to meet the challenges of modern healthcare.

By formalising the role of clinical facilitators through a national qualification, Australia takes a decisive step towards maintaining high-quality patient care and addressing the critical challenges facing its healthcare system. In doing so, NNA has provided guidance to its educational partners, paving the way for a future where the nursing profession continues to thrive and evolve, bolstered by well-trained, passionate, and skilled mentors.


Network Nursing Agency

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