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Indigenous Employment

Through several programs, we are empowering Indigenous Australians to close the gap between industry and Indigenous communities.

Our commitment to indigenous employment is delivered primarily through our industry-leading Partners On Country, Indigenous Black Belt Movement, and First People programs.

Partners on Country


Partners On Country connects First Nations people with local projects that benefit local communities.


Combining strong Traditional Owner relationships with a national recruitment enterprise, Partners On Country exists to strengthen local communities through better access to impactful employment. Working across a number of roles in a variety of professions, we work tirelessly to harness the talent in local people and help them have the biggest impact to On Country projects.  


Through the joint venture, we provide national scope, and local cultural understanding. Supply Nation Certified, we know the importance of an indigenous focus to workforce management On Country.


Indigenous Black Belt Movement


The Indigenous Black Belt Movement (IBBM) is a collaboration between First People and Vermelho Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The IBBM was developed to address several needs in Indigenous Communities. We are overrepresented in the juvenile justice and prison systems; we die younger and violence is alarmingly on the rise. The list goes on.


After learning from a number of ‘high risk’ kids from Western Australia about the pressures from their peers in their communities to commit crimes i.e.: steal cars and sell drugs when they return home, with limited skills to defend themselves when they so no to a life of crime with their friends. We decided to expose the boys to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym in Melbourne run by one of Australia’s leading Black Belts.


The response was phenomenal. By understanding and training in the art of Jiu Jitsu someone can defend themselves or control their opponent and be in a better position to walk away without the threat of being assaulted by their peers.

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First People


First People is committed to raising an Indigenous All Stars workforce that is recognised by industry and community as exceptional. First People empowers local Indigenous people to become work ready, and employed. – closing the gap of indigenous unemployment. AWX is recognised as market leaders in the supply and management of quality personnel.


AWX’s First People Program utilises the cultural understanding of community connections and our industry expertise to break down the barrier and promote Indigenous employment opportunities.


Through the First People Program, we are empowering individuals to be work ready and helping close the gap between industry and Indigenous communities. This program enables unemployed Indigenous people to join the workforce through training and mentoring.

Meet Maverick

Maverick Fox is one of our recent Indigenous employment success stories. Discover his story.

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