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Edmen now a permanent solution

A commitment to innovation and responding to the evolving needs of the industries it supports, has seen one PeopleIN brand take a big step forward with a new service offering.

For more than three decades, Edmen Community Staffing Solutions has cultivated a reputation as a highly respected agency, focused on casual labour hire for disability support and youth workers. This specialised recruitment field requires a balance between professional recruitment skills and a compassionate understanding of client and candidate needs. It demands a blend of sector-specific knowledge, including regulatory and legal frameworks, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by those needing support.

Edmen have achieved success, and earned the respect of the industries it serves, through delivering all of the above - engaging with community and industry stakeholders to remain current in understanding market demands and enhancing service quality. And, as a result, the business has established long term and mutually beneficial partnerships with clients who rely on it to support all their talent solutions needs.

However, in recent years, market dynamics have evolved. The ripple effects of Covid-19 continue to impact demand for allocation labour hire and the sometimes intricate nature of funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, has added further complexity.


The Edmen leadership team recognised diversifying their offering was necessary to sustain the business’s future growth - the catalyst to make a strategic shift presented itself in late 2023.

While permanent recruitment had not historically been part of their suite of services, Edmen General Manager Marlyn Soulakelles explains they were asked by a new client if they could assist with placement of multiple permanent roles.

“The client is a well-known and respected player in the community and children’s services space and was acquainted with our services and reputation,” Marlyn said.

“They were impressed by our track record for provision of a capable and experienced temporary workforces, and the trust we enjoy from existing clients. After meeting with them to discuss their needs they asked for our help to place a number of permanent roles.”

Marlyn says adding permanent recruitment to its scope of services is an important strategic move for Edmen.

“More than 30 years as a key player in the provision of onhire workers to the community services sector has given the organisation demonstrable industry credibility. Expanding our offering is a calculated step in an evolving industry landscape.”

The foray into permanent recruitment is more than a service expansion; it's a measured business decision, underlining the agency's commitment to providing comprehensive staffing solutions aligned to the needs of clients and prevailing market conditions.


What sets Edmen apart in this venture is its membership of the PeopleIN Group. As part of this larger network, Edmen has access to a wealth of experience accumulated by other brands within the group like Halcyon Knights, Expect A Star and Perigon Group - each seasoned players in permanent recruitment within their respective industries. Recognising the need for guidance and learning from those with expertise, Edmen sought advice from these brands. This collaboration wasn't limited to advice alone; they leveraged the diverse capabilities within the PeopleIN Group to optimise its recruitment approach. Rather than reinventing the wheel, they tapped into the specialised resources available within the PeopleIN Group.


Early success is just the beginning for Edmen. After successful placements for the first round of positions for their inaugural permanent recruitment client, they’ve now been asked to source talent for further roles. Opportunities to build on this success have continued in early 2024 with further permanent roles placed with other clients.

PeopleIN owned agencies like nursing agency First Choice Care will be valuable partners for sourcing and placing roles aligned with Edmen's expansion. In time this collaborative approach may extend further to Perigon Group, particularly for white-collar roles like finance, and for opportunities in the medical field, including roles for doctors and other specialists.

The agency is poised for continued growth in the permanent recruitment sector. With the backing of the PeopleIN Group and the collective experience drawn from within, Edmen is well-positioned to establish itself as a prominent player in permanent recruitment to community services clients.

You can learn more about Edmen Community Staffing Solutions permanent recruitment offering by visiting their website.


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