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How FIP’s Industry-Leading Community of Care Model Supports Workers Through Community Integration

FIP Group’s unique Community of Care Model provides end-to-end support for its workers coming into Australia on the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme and is so well regarded that the federal Government is progressing plans to adopt it as the standard model of care for Pacific Labour Facility (PLF).

Dedicated to the wellbeing and care of the communities that they operate within, FIP Group has developed a comprehensive circle of support and protection for its workers – which focuses on equal conditions, compliance and transparency, care and responsibility, and closing the gap. Welfare is provided for all workers by an onsite team and FIP Group’s team of People, Performance, and Welfare specialists. This unique model offers peace of mind for employers, by providing safe and equitable employment solutions within the context of a highly motivated and diverse workforce.

FIP's Ring of Support for PALM workers

As part of FIP Group’s market-leading approach, each team of workers is supported by an Onsite Account Manager, who often lives within the local community, as well as a Team Leader, who is often a respected elder within the community and can provide ongoing support along with a sense of connection to home.

According to FIP Group’s Chief Operations Officer Kylie Henningsen, this approach sets FIP Group apart from its competitors, which typically have just one person looking after multiple different sites.

“We actually have someone who is there at work every day with the workers, for them to go and talk to,” says Henningsen.

“Because our Onsite Account Manager is there, they actually build these really deep and meaningful relationships with the workers and can then start to expand out, and get involved, in the local community.”

This support system is complemented by FIP Group’s pioneering Community of Care Model, which creates linkages to community, sporting, and welfare groups to help workers find support, care, and connection within their new communities.

FIP's market-leading Community of Care model

“Our Community of Care Model provides a way for workers to cement themselves and create a second home away from home, by connecting them with local diaspora groups through sports, music, and church-based communities”

“The core idea behind this Community of Care Model is for FIP Group to build opportunities within the communities that they are working with. Providing training to become an Onsite Account Manager, for example, helps to create dual opportunities for both local and international worker communities.”

Awarded with accreditations such as the StaffSure Certification and offering ongoing, personalised support for workers from the Pacific Islands through its commitment to education, wellbeing, welfare, and protection, FIP has established itself as a market leader in the global Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme. This is a position that has attracted both employers and workers alike.

PeopleIN is thrilled to have recently acquired FIP Group and looks forward to being a part of the continued success and expansion of this supportive network and its global workforce community in 2022 and beyond.

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