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PeopleIN flexibility supports professional and personal growth

Robbie (right) and other leaders at PeopleIN's INspire Awards night.

After achieving remarkable success over two years as General Manager of our Brisbane based healthcare brand First Choice Care (FCC), Robbie Nemeth relocated to Melbourne to accept a new challenge within our Healthcare and Community vertical.

Under Robbie’s leadership the FCC team achieved 145,000 hour Year on Year growth, with the Rural and Remote division growing significantly over that period.

As PeopleIN’s Health and Community General Manager for Victoria Robbie now leads the Swingshift and VNS brands and has clear areas of focus for each business.

“I’ll be focusing on delivery (both recruitment and allocations), efficiency and quality over the next 12 months and beyond,” he said.

“We’re in a client focused industry so making sure we hit our delivery targets is key to future growth.”

Robbie explains that working with teams to grow businesses and give them confidence to innovate is something he really enjoys. He says having faith in your own ability and backing yourself to succeed is also important; it’s an attribute he has encouraged as a mentor to the inaugural cohort of the PeopleIN Emerging Leaders program.

“I love that PeopleIN gives us scope to grow both professionally and personally.”

“This move for me demonstrates the flexibility within the business for individuals to try new things, to relocate and to continue to grow professionally and gain experiences which benefit them, but also the business.

“I’m enjoying life in Melbourne. The brands I’m working with have great potential and I’m looking forward to harnessing it to grow their presence in the markets where they operate.

“I also see the opportunity to nurture our relationship with other brands within the PeopleIN family of brands. Vision Surveys have just joined us to collocate in our office; they’re a very different business but, I think there is also a lot we can learn from each other.”


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