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Growing PeopleIN’s leadership future

L-R Cara Zaremski, Tijana Lalovic and Nicole Gulevski are participants in the Emerging Leaders Program

A strategy to build and grow the next generation of leaders for the business was the catalyst for the development and launch of PeopleIN’s Emerging Leaders program in early 2023.

The two-year program incorporates a workshop-based curriculum in the first year, focused on business development style, risk and governance, leadership development, client relationship management, and the quality deliverables expected within a talent solutions business.

Drawn from 25 brands and eight shared services divisions, our Emerging Leaders bring together a broad range of experience, skill sets and perspective and presents a perfect opportunity to pool their knowledge and for each to familiarise themselves with areas of the business to which they don't have regular exposure.

They have just commenced year two of the program, in which they will apply learnings from workshops to create and manage an innovative project aligned to one the Group’s Shared Values.

We caught up with four of the group to learn what they’ve found most valuable in being part of the program over the past year:

Ben Wahl - Associate Director - Finance & Accounting, Perigon Group

“Perigon became part of the PeopleIN Group in 2022. Prior to joining the Emerging Leaders program I had very little knowledge about the other brands and what they did. The program has allowed me to learn more about our other businesses, understand what they do and how they operate, and what I can learn from people who are customer facing roles similar to mine.”

Nicole Gulevski – Operations Manager, Edmen Community Staffing Solutions

“I returned from maternity leave not long before the program began and can’t explain how lucky I feel to be given this opportunity. In our General Manager, I have a fellow working Mum and I’m really fortunate to work in an environment with a leader who’s done it herself, balancing work and home life. I’ve had the flexibility to juggle my commitments while learning new skills and putting them to use in real time in my job, grow professionally and chase my goals within the business.”

Dave Crane – Area Operations Manager, FIP Group

“The Emerging Leaders Program has been interesting timing as I was promoted halfway through the first 12 months. I now manage 2,500 workers under the PALM (Pacific Australia Labour Mobility) Scheme in NSW, WA and parts of Queensland. Participating in the program has given me a timely broader view of the Group and it structure and vision. It’s provided exposure to the Group Leadership team and to different ways of thinking which have helped me be more aware of where I need to go and how to get there."

"It takes you out of the trenches and gives a heightened awareness of the strategic decision making which precedes the operational direction. We all get caught in the day-to-day so having the elevated perspective the program provides, has been great.”

Cara Zaremski – Recover at Work Manager, PeopleIN

“I’m a keen learner and consumer of podcasts, books and articles and was considering further study through a structured program like an MBA. But, there are things I’ve learned in the Emerging Leaders program which have shown me what I want or need to learn more about to support what our team and our business is trying to achieve as opposed to a generic program with core things you have to learn. And the best part is that its people within the business who’ve delivered that information and I can continue to lean on them after covering it in the program. I have direct access to Subject Matter Experts who are doing these things every day in their own roles!”

PeopleIN has just announced it’s second cohort of Emerging Leaders who commenced the program earlier this month.

To learn more about roles with PeopleIN, and build a career with Australia’s largest listed talent solutions business, visit the Careers page.


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