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PeopleIn developing future leaders from within

The recruitment and staffing industry thrives on its people and a company's success is closely tied to the capabilities and expertise of its employees. The sector is marked by constant change with technological advancements, shifting market demands, and evolving client expectations all demanding agile and adaptable leaders.

The PeopleIN Emerging Leaders Program is our unique approach to nurture employees within the industry. It identifies those who exhibit exceptional talent, ambition and potential and equips them with knowledge and skills to thrive in our industry’s dynamic, challenging, yet rewarding environment and become successful, confident and effective business leaders.

The program has been featured in leading recruitment publication, Shortlist, following a chat with PeopleIN CEO Ross Thompson and Head of People Carla Stieper.

If you’re a Shortlist subscriber, you can read the full story at the link below (you can also read it with free trial subscription):


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