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FIP Group Adrienne's perfect blend

Man and woman having coffee together
Brad and Adrienne still catch up for coffee

Adrienne Ritchie is the FIP Group’s sales whiz, cycling junkie (“without the spandex”), and FIP Group Sales extraordinaire.

While Adrienne started her career in the UK, she moved to Australia shortly after her kids moved out to continue her successful career in sales.

Adrienne still fondly remembers how she fell in love with the FIP Group – and it all started when Brad Seagrott, the FIP Group CEO, was late to coffee.

“I was so happy where I was, but when I received a call from Brad thought I should meet him anyway,” she says.

Adrienne waited in the Queen St café for Brad… and waited…and waited.

“I remember thinking if he can’t show up on time, I’m not interested. So, I left,” Adrienne says.

Brad was stuck in the morning rush hour of the Brisbane CBD and called Adrienne profusely apologising about his delay and begged for another chance.

“Fine. One more chance,” Adrienne said.

The second time she walked in, Brad was ready and waiting with two coffees and a grin.

“I found out later that he’d actually arrived 40 minutes early for the second interview,” she laughs. “He was so determined not to be late, and I’m glad he did because I was instantly hooked – the man is brilliant.”

Shortly after Brad invited her in to attend a leadership meeting to gain a better understanding of the FIP Group business.

“They really opened their business up to me with full disclosure, and I was really impressed by that. I remember going home and thinking – damn, they’ve got me”.

“There’s just such a caring culture within FIP Group and it’s not something I’ve ever experienced before – I’ve only ever worked places where I’m just a staff member.”

“I’m not going anywhere – I love the brand, I love the product – but this culture is just second to none.”

Adrienne is now the General Manager Sales for FIP Group and, since commencing with the business, has brought on many new clients, integrated new sales models, and is still enjoying a coffee with her manager two years on.


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