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‘Everything we do, we partner with our people, we focus on the community’

Zale Thurgood is a man on a mission, he’s recently taken on the newly created role of ‘National Partnership Manager’ and is wearing multiple hats as he explores opportunities across both the Healthcare & Community and the Industrial divisions under the PeopleIN brand. We wanted to know more so we quizzed him on his role, the value

of PeopleIN and what he’s excited about.

He says that while his role currently leans towards the healthcare division, his role was created as a hybrid so that his skill set could be used to bring in new clients across both divisions.

‘Where there is an opportunity to build relationships, I'm knocking on the door'.

One of the things that was clear about Edmen, a PeopleIN brand that provides disability

and youth workers for participants, was the importance of the relationships ’everyone they work with, they’re not just a client that comes and goes, they’ve been with them for a long time. So they are building this whole partnership’

Zale’s objective in his role is two-fold, to build new relationships with new clients, and to

solve problems for clients, to ‘take away some of their pain points by using the diversity of the PeopleIN brand to streamline and integrate services for clients.

‘We are providing talent that are fully trained. We can place them, manage them, while also support your business systems... we can put together tailored solutions across 3 or 4 different companies'

Having extra tools in the tool kit, Zale says, is nice when approaching a potential new

client. Normally he says, ‘what you’ve got in your bag is what you’ve got, or you can’t

offer what anyone else is offering, or you’re the same as everyone else. Whereas there isn’t anything that we can’t offer'. It's this value proposition combined with the anchor of community partnerships that excites Zale the most.

‘Everything you’re doing is giving back to the community, so it’s ensuring that the people

that are the most vulnerable in the community are being looked after. They’re getting

better-trained staff, they’re getting regular people that know what they’re doing, they’re

fully up-skilled. They’ve got the latest courses done’

‘Whatever these problems are these people are facing, we’ve got something that can

help them’


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