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New Recover at Work program a game changer

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When a worker is injured onsite the best outcome for them, and their workplace, is to facilitate a smooth reintegration back into the workplace as soon we reasonably practicable.

Of course, it’s rarely straight forward but, a market leading host Indemnity deed agreement struck with Workcover Queensland will make it easier for our Queensland based brands to help our injured onhire staff return to their previous employment.

The historic agreement is the result of more than two years of hard work and negotiation by Head of Safety, Health and Return to Work, Kerryn Stewartson, and she explains it’s a game changer.

“Our Recover At Work program has seen us enter an agreement with our insurer, Workcover, which, in the event a worker is, has sustained an injury and is  returning to the workplace on suitable duties, indemnifies host clients for any new injury  or has a aggravation of the injury,” Kerryn said.

“In the past, when someone was injured performing their duties the host employer was often unwilling to allow them to return to site due to the risk and potential cost if they did so and were reinjured.

“But this historic agreement with Workcover means they will no longer have any further exposure when returning a worker back into the workplace during their recovery and the worker will remain engaged in the workplace enabling quicker RTW rates, reduced claim costs and avoid legal claims.

“It means host employers can focus on the benefits of having an experienced worker who already knows their business return to work, rather than the time consuming and costly alternative of onboarding someone new.

“It’s a huge win for the employee too as we know it’s important for the mental health and wellbeing that they’re able to feel valued by returning to their normal working environment.”

Kerryn says the agreement will also have financial benefit for our business.

“We currently outlay $3million annually in wages for injured workers that are not returning back onsite with our clients.”

“With the introduction of this indemnity with our host client, our Recover at Work program will see workers continue their rehabilitation while working, with their wages instead paid by their host employer.

The benefits are huge. Our employees can get on with their lives sooner; clients have greater retention in their workforces, reduce claims costs and legal implications and PeopleIN will reduced insurance premiums and subsequent on-charges to clients.

While the agreement is in Queensland only at this stage, Kerryn and the team will be going to tender with our agents across jurisdictions in other states  to propose this Initiative. 

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