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 Down to the wire in VPGo Challenge 

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The PeopleIN VPGo Challenge Step Challenge teams have spent the past couple of weeks celebrating their incredible efforts (and catching up on rest) after a nail-biting close to the competition.

The final standings confirmed Soles Mates were our 2022 winners of the VP Go Challenge, finishing the race on a staggering 5.3 million steps!

Like all great teams, Sole Mates are sharing the credit between teammates (and throwing shade at the all so rans!).

“It didn’t matter if we all walked this way, were red hot, on fire, caffeinated or busted, because the key to our ‘sole’ success was being great supportive mates,” said Workplace Rehabilitation Manager Cara Zaremski.

The Mob Busters were next among PI teams, putting in a red-hot effort in the final days of competition. The team maintained a steady pace throughout, never falling outside the Top 10 on the leader board.

As the competition neared the final days, the Mob Busters, led by Mobilise’s General Manager Ian Barlow, rallied together to bring home silver.


“Our team had no option but to keep going as our team “Pitbull” (Taylar Iwikau – Mobilise Operations Manager) wouldn’t leave us alone long enough to stop walking!” Ian said.


“The Mob Busters didn’t set out to be on the podium, we only really wanted to beat the two AWX Mount Isa teams” Taylar added. “But, luckily for our team champions, they have a huge mine site to keep their steps up”.


The Caffeinated Steppers transitioned from coffee to Red Bulls for the final stages of the competition and stormed home for the bronze medal. Led by Carestaff Nursing’s Business Development Manager Paula Stevens, the team finished on an incredible 4.91 million steps—just 81,000 behind the Mob Busters.  

This year's top steppers Soles Mates (L) and Carestaff's Caffeinated Steppers 

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