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 VP Go Teams putting best foot forward

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As sports fans farewell the football season, attention has turned to more serious competition as we cross the halfway point of the VP Go competition.

35 teams, from across the Group, continue to put their best foot forward in a race that is seeing them virtually walk around the world during a nine-week quest to see who can walk the farthest.

Our teams joined others from across the globe at the virtual starting line in Banff, Canada in early September. Since then, the PeopleIN team have collectively walked +33,000 kms; the equivalent of walking from Canada to Brisbane—and back.

Sole Mates are leading the charge but Caffeinated Steppers and Walk All Over You aren't far behind. There's a bit of work to do for the other teams if they're to keep pace with the lead pack.

The initial lead-up of the competition appeared healthy and respectful but, as teams cross the halfway line, the stakes are rising and the competition is heating up.

The INsync team have virtually walked from Canada to Buenos Aires and are currently ranked at 21st place. But as INsync team member, PeopleIN Group Financial Accountant Tom Williames, summarises, “It’s never too late for a comeback - and accountants are known for doing their best work in October.”

The growing hunger to win is mirrored by Take A Hike team member, AWX Account Manager Lauren Bruce. She said, “Even though we lost half our team moments before kick-off, giving new meaning to our team’s name, we pushed through and rallied. In the second half of the competition, we plan to jump from 30th to 1st because if you ‘aint first, you’re last...and we always come first.”

Eyewitnesses  have also reported fierce side glances in office corridors and tense silences at coffee machines across the Group as the competition nears its close.

The VP Go Challenge continues into early November and all eyes will be on our teams as they near the finish line... one step at a time.

Keep an eye on the top rankings here to maintain your place (and more importantly keep the banter going).

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