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Program UNITE October Update

Our three workstreams as part of PHASE 1 of Program UNITE are progressing – here’s a quick update:

Late last month, Ross Thompson, Megan Just and Chris Bradshaw met with PI Group Business Unit Leaders to provide a Program update and to answer questions.

Ross spoke about technology as a major lever to assist us to scale and gain efficiencies and deliver an improved client experience. He noted we currently have many systems across our brands that are ageing and whilst they were fit for purpose, they will not see us into the future.

Megan and Chris shared a future state vision where data is shared and accessible, using Salesforce as our platform for all information:

The foundational layer of the future state systems architecture is the Salesforce (CRM) system. The core systems (Finance & Payroll) will leverage this platform will be Financial Force (Finance system), and 2C9 (Payroll system).

In terms of the ‘front-end’ systems, again we will look to leverage the Salesforce platform wherever feasible (as we are doing for Workforce Management with Sirenum). We have yet to determine which system will fulfill on the strategic needs of the group in the Applicant Tracking space (this is a priority for the program/group). In this regard, we will work closely with the business heads to determine core requirements and develop the level of investment required, in order to present the case for additional systems investment.


In parallel to our progress in Phase 1, the program is talking with the Divisions to understand pressing needs, and to recognize the feasibility of providing more ‘tactical’ solutions in the interim to future state – based upon the most critical of business needs. Again, any systems changes deemed ‘tactical’ all require investment in terms of money and time;  each will be considered on a business case basis. Besides the business case, the key will be how we may link that tactical solution into the strategic architecture at a later point.

The future of Program UNITE is exciting and we look forward to sharing further updates soon!

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