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Program UNITE February Update

It’s all go in 2023 for Program UNITE as we commence the new year with several go lives across the Healthcare & Community vertical for our three core, foundational systems:


  1. A new Finance system – Financial Force Accounting (FFA)

  2. A new Payroll system – 2Cloud9 

  3. A new Workforce Management System – Sirenum

What’s happening?

  • All brands in Health and Community – Financial Force Accounting – our new finance system goes live on Wednesday 1 February 2023

  • Edmen and NNA DSS - our new workforce management system called Sirenum, and our new payroll system called 2Cloud9 go live across March/April 2023

  • NNA – went live on Sirenum in November 2022, and will go live with payroll system 2C9 this financial year


Healthcare and Community is the first of the PeopleIN verticals to adopt our new Finance system – Financial Force which, over time, will result in faster month end processing and improved financial reporting for the entire Group.

UNITE process map.png

These new systems are connected to our new underlying platform called Salesforce, so information flows from one system to another, enabling us to process large volumes quickly and accurately.


The planning for the migration to 2Cloud9 and Sirenum for the remainder of Health and Community vertical is in progress. First Choice Care (FCC) and Network Nursing Agency (NNA) will be the next priority.

The prioritisation of funding and timing for the remainder of Program UNITE is being worked through with Megan Just (Program Sponsor) and Ross Thompson.


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