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Program UNITE December Update

Network Nursing Agency (NNA) is now live on our new workforce management system, Sirenum.


This is an exciting step forward for a team who previously relied on spreadsheets to manage rostering and shift allocations. They’ve now supercharged their capability with our new Salesforce platform workforce management system, Sirenum, to manage their needs. 

This is a significant milestone as NNA is the first across the PeopleIN Group to go live with Sirenum.  Thanks to the NNA Team for forging the way!
We’re continuing to roll out our three core foundational systems across the Healthcare and Community Division. Dates are as follows:


  • Finance system – FFA – all of H&C will go live Feb 2023 

  • Payroll system – 2Cloud9 – Edmen and NNA Homecare will go live Feb 2023 

  • Workforce Management System – Sirenum – Edmen will go live Feb 2023 

Production preparations are underway and, in January 2023, we’ll continue to train end users.
Training and exposure to the new systems so far as resulted in comments from users such as: 

In parallel with continuing to roll out our core foundational systems – FFA, 2Cloud9 and Sirenum across the divisions, we are in discovery phase for: 

  • A strategic ATS (Applicant Tracking Solution) primarily aimed first at solving some key business challenges for the ISS division. 

  • A suitable Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for our internal PI team(groupwide for our internal employees).


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