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SwingShift nurse makes triumphant return to work 

A nurse employed by PeopleIN’s nursing agency, SwingShift, has returned to work just 11 weeks after a workplace incident might have brought an end to her healthcare career.
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Workplace Rehabilitation Coordinator Casandra Burriel explains the nurse had been working in a mental health ward when the incident occurred.

“The nurse has been part of Swingshift’s on-hire workforce since 2014 and has worked in a variety of care settings,” Cassandra said.

“In July this year she was working in a mental health ward in Victorian hospital. She was briefly left alone with a patient who lashed out at her physically.
“It was an understandably traumatic experience which initially resulted in her being reluctant to leave her home or interact with others.

“However, she’s shown remarkable resilience and, with support via face-to-face counselling and a debriefing program, less than three months later she has been able to return to work.”

Cassandra has worked with Josh O’Hara, from SwingShift’s Allocations team to create a program supporting a progressive return to work. Josh says it’s been rewarding to help our worker to return to work so quickly.

“She’s currently working in a casual capacity, with low-risk clients but it’s been wonderful to see her return to the same workplace and she’s now been back for a couple of weeks,” Josh said.

“I couldn’t be happier with the result and I’m proud we’ve been able to support our valued staff member return to meaningful, rewarding work.

I love this part of the job because we get to care for the carers who’ve worked so diligently through the pandemic.”
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