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Download Our Exclusive White Paper on Successful Workforce Management in Global Sporting Events.


Unlock the secrets to managing a high-performing workforce in global sporting events with our latest white paper. Based on insights from Jane Fernandez, COO of the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023, this comprehensive guide explores critical strategies and actionable insights that can transform your approach to workforce management.

Why Download This Whitepaper?

  • Expert Insights: Learn from Jane Fernandez's experience managing one of the world's premier sporting events.

  • Proven Strategies: Discover the key workforce management techniques that contribute to the success global events.

  • Future-Proof Your Workforce: Gain knowledge on building a versatile and resilient workforce prepared for future events.

Take the First Step

Transform your event workforce management strategy with insights from our whitepaper. Fill out the form to download your copy and stay ahead in the game of global sports event management.

For more information or to discuss how PeopleIN can help implement these strategies in your organisation, contact us at 

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