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Referoo to the rescue

You’ve sorted through applicants, shortlisted and are now you’re trying to finalise the process to land on the right candidate and place them in the role.
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But you still need to complete reference checks. It can take time to make manual calls, send emails, and then wait to receive responses. The process can be a big roadblock to completing the recruitment process … if only there was an easier way!

Referoo is that easier way. A leading online reference checking tool, it’s designed so you don't need to be hands on chasing referees. The use of technology to look for common phone numbers, email and IP addresses also helps verify references are legitimate when you do have them.

A number of PeopleIn’s brands are already using Referoo and we’re now pleased to announce we’ve been able to negotiate a groupwide agreement. This will eliminate the disparity of pricing between brands, with all now being charged the same price per reference. It will also mean all brands can save time and have peace of mind that they’ve made a qualified hire.
Nicole Majsakowski, Recruitment Team Leader at First Choice Care, has used Referoo for the past 18 months and says it’s made a world of difference for her and the team.

“Catching a referee at the right time can take many attempts and be a time-consuming process,” Nicole said.
“Referoo has eliminated the 'phone tag' and gives the referee the ability to complete the SMS or email link with their full attention, at their own convenience. The candidate is also able to view when references have been complete so is a great motivator for them to follow up any referees who haven’t responded.
“Using Referoo has cut out the additional follow up and has made a huge reduction in our total onboarding time, allowing us to get our candidate out to market quicker!”
If you’d like to find out more about the tool and how it’s being used in Health and Community, please contact Divisional Recruitment Manager Donna Pershouse – she can also organise a time for you to speak with Referoo directly. 

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