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Welcome to the family, Gavin!

Please give a warm welcome to Gavin Balcomb! Gavin joins the PeopleIN family as a Business Technology Specialist for our AWX brand.

PeopleIN's focus on culture is what drew Gavin to the role. "Meeting Tom [Thomas Reardon, Divisional CEO] was great. He's very engaged and supportive".

"People care about me as a person, you don't feel like a number. Because I'm part of a family it makes you want to go above and beyond".

As Business Technology Specialist, Gavin is excited to grow our technology infrastructure. "My role is to find the best software for us to utilise, to improve efficiencies and reduce workload".

"I have the opportunity to have a direct impact on the people I work with and make their lives better. That makes me excited to get here in the morning".

Gavin encourages other talent to network as much as possible. "Don't be afraid to introduce yourself. Say hello - you don't know where it'll lead".

Welcome, Gavin!


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