Welcome Tash Hope!

‘We’re a nation of skills shortage. Investment in quality training is how we fix it.’

One of the newest members of PeopleIN is Tash Hope, who fills our new Training Program manager role, working across all divisions, with plenty in the pipeline. We caught up with Tash to learn more about her plans and how she landed at PeopleIN.

Tash explains that it was a combination of personal relationships and professional history the lead her to join PeopleIN.

‘I wasn’t aware of how big PeopleIN is and how well it’s developed.’

That is until a friend happened to mention that Tom Reardon, CEO of PeopleIN’s Industrial & Specialist Services division, was looking to build his training sector and offered to connect Tash.

‘That afternoon Tom’s straight on the phone. Saying Tash, I know you’re available. I want you to come work with me.’

‘I’ve actually known Tom for 10 years’ ‘…in my previous professional careers - a couple of people that I worked with actually joined AWX.’

‘When I looked at PeopleIN and actually had seen how it’s evolved, I just thought this is a perfect opportunity. I’ve always worked in skilling workers and transitional of our young people.’

Tash says that in her role she works not only with AWX but across the entire PeopleIN group. ‘Part of my role as a training manager is to implement training programs, including government subsidised traineeship or apprenticeship programs. Or it could be implementing training programs through other funding streams, all to support skilling our workforce.’

With exciting plans currently underway, opportunities will continue to develop across all divisions. ‘One of our projects that we’re doing now, is we’re registering Queensland to become a Principle Employer Organisation (PEO) and then eventually, our pipelines project is to register nationally as a GTO - so a Group Training Organisation.’

The PEO and GTO registration will positively impact all divisions, providing Tash with the chance to come in and provide support. ‘Our stakeholder portfolio is going to grow from training. It’s going to now allow us to engage with our current clients to take on traineeship models for skilling workforce.’

Certain elements will be unchanged, with the new service being a value-add

‘The normal labour-hire relationship of us managing the recruitment and the HR and payroll manager, that all remains the same. It’s just another complimentary service for their training needs.’

Filling workforce needs and solving training challenges provides Tash with plenty of scope in her new role. ’Each entity wants something different and the occupation something different.’

Tash highlights the training management and program as differentiating from competitors in the ability to provide a full suite of services ‘it’s keeping us competitive within the market and it’s also giving us the opportunity to have this as our package of service.’