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Turning Jobs Into Careers

Lauren with client "Rangi". She created this special high-vis shirt to recognise his fifth anniversary with AWX.

As the Covid-19 border closures swept the globe, Lauren Bruce was forced to cut her working holiday in Canada short to return home to Australia.

To help her weather the Covid storm, she started as an Administration Assistant with PeopleIN’s blue-collar workforce management brand, AWX.

At the time, the job was only meant to be short-term until the borders re-opened. But, proving everything happens for a reason, Lauren has transformed this short-term job into a career and continues to grow.

“That’s the AWX journey – constantly changing, evolving and learning,” Lauren said.

The AWX team quickly grew to love Lauren’s witty spirit, natural passion for learning, and ability to thrive in challenging situations, which saw her promoted to Brisbane Resource Consultant after only a few months.

“Recruitment can be challenging at times, but we’re like a family – we’re really all in it together.”

After the Australian borders had been opened for a year the only place Lauren was looking, was forward.

In 2022, she began sinking her teeth into a new challenge as Account Manager, which saw her working closely with clients and their businesses.

“I started account managing when we did the Crisco Foods project last year and really enjoyed the challenge of learning so much about the industries,” she said.

“I like seeing the little parts that make the world go round – because that’s what blue collar is at the end of the day”.

Lauren now manages more than 15 clients throughout Queensland and has over 100 candidates in work each day.

“I’ve learned so much in three years - a lot about myself and even more about the role.”

Now that Australia is recovering from the pandemic, Lauren says that all she really wants to do is “continue what I’m doing and really nail it.”

“The best thing about AWX is your ability to learn so many different things and the ability they give you to grow”.


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