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Timberwolf: planting 700 football fields of trees in a month

Think about the satisfaction you get from planting a small garden in your yard. Then imagine being part of a project in South Australia planting 400,000 trees in just a few weeks!

Timberwolf is Australia’s largest contract planting business, putting around 7 million new trees in the ground every year.

National Operations Manager Callum Sharp says the speed and efficiency of their teams allow them to plant an enormous number of juvenile plants in a very short space of time.

“We’re currently completing a job in Robe, South Australia where we’ll plant 400,000 plants over an area equivalent to 700 football fields and we’ll do it in around a month,” Callum said.

“It’s hard, physical work but when you when you finish your day and look back at what you’ve achieved, it’s incredibly satisfying.”

Callum said they undertake a wide variety of projects and have teams operating across the country.

“We’ll have a minimum of 10 jobs happening on any one day. They might be small jobs on median strips or for commercial landscaping, through to large ecology projects like revegetation, bioretention basins and wetland planting.

“Bush Regeneration and ecological projects are special. Re-establishing food habits for koalas and doing bio-retention work to keep creeks and waterways is really rewarding.

“We’re seeing growth in that area as well as in carbon offset as companies recognise the rewards from not just playing their part in sustaining our environment but also reap the tax benefit to their bottom line.”

If you’d like to learn more about Timberwolf visit their website or check them out on LinkedIn.


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