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Taylar made for success

PeopleIN Training Field Officer Taylar Rameka’s meteoric rise over the past 12 months has been recognised with her winning the Trainee of the Year award at the recent Queensland Training Awards - North Coast Region.

Taylar joined PeopleIN with a background in hospitality and training, quickly establishing herself as an important asset to the team. In the past year she's completed her studies, moved into a groupwide role within our national training team.

Today she’s responsible for the mentorship and pastoral care of over 160 trainees and apprentices, something she acknowledges she may have found very difficult without the support she received to undertake formal training herself.

“Although I had career experience, I knew I needed industry knowledge from formal training and it was this learning opportunity that has allowed me to support others in their own training,” Taylar said.

“Learning while I worked allowed me to develop professionally and personally, without sacrificing income and has seen me thrive in my Training Field Officer role.”

Now in a role focused on supporting other young workers to set them up for their own rewarding careers, Taylar says she can’t overstate the importance of encouraging professional growth, particularly for people in the early stages of their profession.

“When you have someone who wants to invest in you, get to know you, spend time with you, learn your flaws but also learn your strengths and help you hone them, that creates loyalty.”

“By providing and encouraging training, the employee and employer work towards a common goal to help you progress within the business. I was lucky to have this from my leaders and now I’m paying it forward.”

The State final of the Queensland Training Awards will be held in Brisbane on 9 September. She’s already a star to us but we wish Taylar all the best as she competes against an outstanding group of young professionals for the title of Queensland Trainee of the Year.


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