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Talent Spotlight: Paul Cavaiuolo

‘We get better results because of the level of care that we show each other and our people’

Like many, 2020 proved to be a huge learning opportunity for Paul Cavaiuolo who was recently promoted to Senior Consultant at Halcyon Knights.

He credits the challenge of 2020 in helping him to learn how to ‘really focus on building relationships’ and in 2021

‘when things started to really build up again I had some base understanding and skillsets that I could really sort of leverage and re-bound off of to do well this year.’

Considering Paul only started at HK at the end of 2019 he’s come a long way in a short time.

‘I was in Adelaide looking to move to Melbourne. I’ve always been passionate about tech and I worked in technology previously. I actually was using Halcyon Knights as a recruitment agency to look for a position within technology.’

When HR Manager Harley became aware of Paul's CV and his technology background he was offered a role as a Recruitment Consultant.

‘I hadn’t really heard much about how recruitment works other than coming in as a candidate, but I’d had a good experience with the consultant I was working with at the time.’

‘I had a few chats with the managers including with Lincoln [Technology division Co-CEO] and just really enjoyed the transparency I got from everyone, the culture and the attitude of everybody. I loved the openness and transparency and talking about what to expect in the role, it sounded quite exciting.’

Paul says it was a ‘huge learning curve to understand the depth of enterprise learning environment.’ But was ‘surprised at how quickly things started to come together.’

‘They put me in the cloud and infrastructure team, which is the team I’m still in now.’

Promoted to Senior Consultant in early 2021, finding a niche was key.

'I built a niche around architecture which was an area that we hadn’t had a specialisation in before.’

‘What I realised is that you find an area that you really enjoy and the results start to come along a lot more naturally.’

In his new role, Paul says there are 'more responsibilities as we get new staff in to exhibit the best practices of a good consultant and to help mentor and train staff.’ But also the ability to ‘lead and have discussions with clients.’

Ultimately he says his goal is ‘getting my name out there more as a recruiter that they can trust and who has good quality clients and provides a well-rounded service to my candidates.’

For internal talent looking to grow, Paul says a long-term mindset is key.

‘If you build and maintain genuine relationships with your network of clients and candidates. Success naturally will follow. The immediate results are one thing to look at, it’s really about long term. Your candidates become your clients and those relationships open up doorways for you.’


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