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Talent Spotlight: Olivia Chiarello

“When you think about it, we’re really changing someone’s life.”

After starting with AWX as a recruitment consultant in Wollongong 18 months ago, Olivia Chiarello has since been promoted to support the entire New South Wales region.

Led by a passion to connect people with opportunities, Olivia believes she is “really making an impact on the growth of AWX in New South Wales”.

Olivia is acutely aware of how employment can transform people and was originally drawn to AWX because of the career opportunities provided not only to her, but the ones she can provide to others.

“Thinking outside the box is something I focus on," she said.

“I’ve been helping upskill people by finding candidates who may not have extensive skills and placing them in roles where they can grow and which will benefit them in the long run.”

With a background in employment services, Olivia says it's been interesting to learn how recruiting on hire candidates doesn’t end with employment but is also focused on upskilling people to help create new opportunities for them in the future.

“We’re paying somebody a wage, so they can go and live their life. Some have been able to take their families on holidays or while others have seen part-time positions transform into full-time—it’s really exciting.”

Her hunger to progress is mirrored in the way she is supporting branches across the state expand their processes towards recruitment.

“I’m enjoying being able to give suggestions and implement new ideas in branches on how they can change their structures of recruitment, because everyone does things differently.”

She is helping her candidates and colleagues grow into future industry leaders and wants people to “shoot for the stars”.

“You don’t really learn until you get outside of your comfort zone – so get out there and explore every opportunity!”


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