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Talent Spotlight: Nhu Bui

Nhu Bui has recently landed a role as Head of Contractor Care at Halcyon Knights. When we asked her for advice for internal talent her immediate response was ‘trust your gut and be honest with where you’re at.’ It’s off the back of this transparent approach that she’s forging strong contractor relationships and developing her career within PeopleIN.

Prior to joining Halcyon Knights, Nhu says she had always heard good things. ‘When I went through the interview process that kind of reinforced that.’

‘Everyone was just so lovely, there was banter, you could that everyone was really genuine. Culture was one of the biggest things for me in choosing an agency.’

The autonomy and non-hierarchical structure held great appeal too. Managers occupying the same floor and same space as the rest of the team were big selling points for Nhu which she picked out during the interview process.

‘I could see them being supportive, I could see that it was an open environment.’

Nhu joined as a Senior Consultant in March 2020 - so right before Covid, before we went into lockdown. Obviously, the first 6 - 8 months was quite rocky.’ But she says, despite the challenges early on, she always felt supported.

‘I was always supported by Lincoln, by Tommy. They could see that I would put in the hard yards, taking the reins on things, and just trying to be innovative.’

‘I just kept doing what I did.’

‘I hit my yearly budget from January to December, I hit it by August. Q1 I made a 170 K quarter.’

Despite the success, Nhu realised that it was time for a change.

‘I was having a lot of stress and anxiety, and just with covid and everything. I’ve been doing this for 7 years now, I needed a change of pace, I needed a change of role.’ Nhu put her hand up for a new opportunity and reached out to her management team.

‘They were like you’d be great in the role, you’re detail orientated, you’re process-driven, that’s what we need in that role someone that’s admin focused.’

The new role Nhu transitioned into is Head of Contractor Care. ‘At the moment I’m looking after all existing contractors that we have on the books. I will do the terms of business, send out new contracts to new contractors.’

‘Also just be that point of contact for any admin systems that contractors are having issues with. It’s all contractor focused.’

With an emphasis on personalised contractor care, such as remembering birthdays and offering grateful thank you’s after contracts end. Nhu is looking to the future to continue to implement further care oriented initiatives to support contractors and strengthen relationships.


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