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Talent Spotlight: Marlyn Soulakelles

‘Developing our internal team - that’s going to allow more growth - individually and also as a business. This, in turn, will create better outcomes for them, us as a business, and our clients. That’s exciting to be able to do that.’

We recently caught up with Marlyn Soulakelles to discuss her new role as General Manager of Edmen, and her long career with the company.

‘I started when I was 22, in 2004 as a service coordinator for Edmen. Oversaw the team then moved into the operations manager role.’

When Edmen was acquired by PeopleIN 3 years ago ‘I stepped into a business improvement role. I became business improvement manager for health and community.’

The focus was straightforward, ’consolidating processes across all of the nursing agencies and streamlining all of their processes and systems so they were working in alignment with each other.’

Moving into the role provided the opportunity ‘to have my stamp on it but having that final say as well.’

‘I was able to make such a difference to the people that I was leading and also our clients that we were supporting.’

On being community-oriented and driving community outcomes Maryln says ‘We’re able to support vulnerable people. We’re not on the front-line, but we’re able to support them in a much bigger way.’

This year, the goal she says is ‘Looking at the opportunities we’ll be able to create with our fresh, innovative staff.’ and ‘fortifying Edmen's role in the sector.’

In addition, a key part of 2022 growth will be open collaborations with clients ‘to reinforce the value of our partnership.’

On what makes Edmen a leader she says, ‘it’s the values that we have as a business.’

'We get to know what our client's requirements are so that we’re able to match our business to their businesses processes.'
‘It’s a seamless connection. People wouldn’t know the difference between an Edmen staff member and our staff.’

‘Ultimately, we’re passionate, it’s the passion that we have to ensure that we deliver a service that supports the people who most need it. I believe that is what makes us a leader. It’s not just labour hire. It’s a genuine partnership.’

For this passionate Mum of two, beyond her dedication to her work, it’s all about family and finding balance in nature. Enjoying quality time with her immediate and huge extended family is a priority; soaking up nature via bush walks and finding new waterfalls to swim in ’As a family, we just love spending time together. It’s creating the memories and the experiences.’


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