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Talent Spotlight: Kayla Maguire

‘Put your hand up and just try and be a part of everything.’

That’s the ethos that has served Kayla Maguire well, and the key advice she would give to internal talent keen to progress within the PeopleIN family. Now a Recruitment Consultant for the Remote and Rural Team with First Choice Care she started in a very different role, we were keen to highlight her career pathway so far.

‘When I joined First Choice Care I actually joined as admin.’

It wasn’t long before Kayla's talent caught the attention of senior management and her career took an exciting turn.

‘I honestly was only doing admin for I think it was 2 months, then I was asked if I’d like to be a trainee to do recruitment. I had no idea about it beforehand.’

What piqued her interest was ’talking to the nurses, hearing all their stories and adventures, learning about all these new places that I’ve never heard of before or knew anything about. My role is to then help the facilities by finding them the nurses.’

In her role as a recruitment consultant, Kayla integrates the employment and career desires of the nurses and the on-the-ground staffing needs of facilities across two states.

‘I work for the nurses and work for the facility as well.’

‘We look after all of the sites Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast we place nurses in short term contracts. We also look after NSW as well, the rural and remote locations.’

‘We’re working on getting into the NT and WA.’

The nurses Kayla recruits for are currently working to support COVID initiatives.

‘We get contract requests for hotel quarantine in Gladstone and I’ve got a nurse currently out at St George doing the COVID vaccinations.’

‘Helping out the community, getting all those numbers up.’

Looking forward, there are a couple of projects on the horizon, pending restrictions easing.

‘Once borders open and being able to use all the nurses Australia-wide. We’re very limited and restricted at the moment, so getting them back on board and being able to get out there and work.’

Kayla’s advice for internal talent keen to progress is simple and practical.

‘Try and learn as much as they can. Put your hand up and just try and be a part of everything.‘

‘There are just so many opportunities.’

‘Just being a part of the meetings, putting your hands up, just try and do as much training as possible depending on what direction you’re wanting to go to.’


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