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Talent Spotlight: Fatuma Kasim

Fatuma Kasim hasn’t been in her new role as Recruitment Consultant for SwingShift for long, but as someone who is ‘always open to developing my skills and growing as an individual.' She’s landed in the right place, as SwingShift work in the niche space of recruiting mental health nurses.

Fatuma says she was naturally drawn to the role following working in recruitment for a year prior, and her new role fulfils a career goal.

‘I’ve always been interested in the health care sector, just thought that would be a rewarding career to get into.’

She says the thing she likes most about the sector is ‘being able to help others, being able to help them to get a job. Understanding their needs.’

The primary role responsibility is to recruit mental health nurses. ‘We bring on the nurses then we pass them on to the allocators and they put them into different hospitals.’

Nurses in temporary contract work play a vital role in keeping mental health hospitals operating efficiently, and despite post-lockdown staffing challenges impacting many industries Fatuma says ‘With the nurses, I don’t think there’s much change.’ There is always a need for professional nurses ‘I don’t think it has been affected by covid.’

At the heart of Fatuma’s role is 'helping them with the kind of jobs that they need.’

Successfully recruiting nurses relies on the recruitment consultants and excellent communication. As Fatuma explains ‘it just depends on the way we advertise the role, the way we market to our nurses.’

For those considering a career in recruitment Fatuma’s advice is simple, ‘it’s definitely a rewarding career. Definitely, something that’s worth it at the end of the day.’


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