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Talent Spotlight: Daniel Pisani

Daniel Pisani and the team at Network Nursing Agency’s Direct Support Service (NNA DSS) are supporting proud Queenslander and rugby league legend Carl Webb as he battles Motor Neuron Disease.

We sat down with Daniel to discuss his career pathway to Customer Engagement Manager at NNA DSS, and his work with the Carl Webb Foundation.

Daniel joined Edmen in 2014, he was handpicked to fill the client relationships manager role. ‘They basically groomed me to be a manager within the team there at Edmen. I did that for about two years then fell into recruitment. I thought that was a bit more my niche and did that for a little bit before moving to the UK for about two years.’

When he returned home to Australia in 2019, Daniel also rejoined Edmen until June 2021, when he realised he needed a change ‘it was probably my time to just grow and meet a new challenge.’

‘Thankfully under the PeopleIN brand we do have other avenues we can explore without leaving the company’

‘I made a call to Jo who’s the general manager at NNA DSS and funnily enough that same week, the customer engagement manager in Brisbane ended up leaving and it was just a natural transition. It was something that I’ve done before at Edmen, my first job as a client relationship manager.’

‘It was exactly what I was looking to do as well ’

Now based in Queensland and expanding the NNA presence beyond Victoria and New South Wales, Daniel is working to gain more participants in Queensland, and raise the profile of the Carl Webb Foundation.

While the NNA DSS care staff provide daily support, Daniel works with the Carl Webb Foundation to raise awareness of MND. ‘I dedicate a day each week solely focused on growing the foundation.’

Daniel says he’s learned first hand that if you’re feeling stagnant in your current role and need a challenge, you don’t need to leave the company ‘having the luxury of having People Infrastructure overseeing so many different brands, there is room to grow in every single brand that we have. There are always opportunities.’

He says don’t be afraid to reach out to colleagues and managers alike if you’re looking for a new challenge ‘we will find that for you.’

As he says, at the end of the day ‘what I’ve learnt is that we don’t waste talent.’

For more information on the Carl Webb Foundation visit


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