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Talent spotlight: Bianca Donovan

‘People who have the right attitude - you can teach them recruitment. You’ve just got to have the work ethic to be able to succeed.’

Bianca Donovan is the Division Manager for Projects and Industrial Services at Techforce.

With a background in beauty therapy and then in mining, it was basketball that took Bianca from on-site FIFO life and back to the court and her career. ‘I was missing basketball. I play state-level basketball, so I was missing that and decided to come back and play.’

‘When I decided to come back, I wanted something that I could potentially get into a career. I didn’t want to be a 50-year-old beauty therapist. I thought it would be best to try and get a reception job somewhere. Had no idea what recruitment was. Saw a Facebook ad.’

‘I had no experience whatsoever, I joined at a very good time and got really lucky.’

‘Justin, Paul and Steph (Techforce team) were the main support there when I started. Between the four of us, we just grew really quickly. I went literally to do reception admin and within a few months I was dealing with accounts.’

‘Working with Justin and Paul, who had a heap of experience with their background, I picked up on things quite quickly.’

‘We started picking up project work and I really enjoyed doing that, trying to help clients from start to finish with delivering small, projects, large projects, projects that I worked with five people for a couple of weeks to projects that you work from 18 months, 2 years, 3 years. I found a lot of satisfaction in that.’

As Division Manager for Projects and Industrial Services, ‘I’m the point of contact for any major issues.’ Alongside training and upskilling recruitment consultants, ‘I manage a team of 7 or 8 consultants at the moment. My team help deliver the project, they help deliver the candidates, they help mobilise them to site.’

‘I’m training them in dealing with the client-side on the day to day basis.’

Bianca's advice for aspiring internal talent is to have 'those key motivators to work alongside. For me having Justin and Paul the fact that they were driven, helped drive me.’

‘Always looking at the bigger picture' is important, too. ‘The position I was in when I started there, with Techforce. Most people I know wouldn’t have ever taken that opportunity'.


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