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Talent spotlight: Adam Mauceri

Adam Mauceri is a Senior Consultant at Halcyon Knights. He started working with E-Career in 2011. Since then, E-career merged with Halcyon Knights following PeopleIN’s acquisition of the company in early 2021.

‘It was a real breath of fresh air. It was definitely a positive move for myself.’

‘It was a smooth transition, it was a positive transition.’

‘We’re still in the migrating process. We’re still operating as our separate brands, obviously transitioning to the HK brand.’

Although he’s worked in both contract and permanent recruitment, it’s contract recruitment that he favours.

‘I’ve naturally gravitated to quicker turn arounds, speedier delivery.’

With permanent recruitment ‘you put a lot more pressure on yourself every month because you are starting from scratch. When you’ve got territory out there you can relax a little bit, you can be a bit more picky, a bit more choosy.’

Adam believes a key to success when managing a candidate pool is spending time on relationships.

‘You need to be upfront with them [candidates], you need to be honest with them, you need to build that trust with them.’

‘If people like you and trust you, people are going to buy into you.’

That work in relationship building has translated into $279,000 in client billing revenue.

‘I have been working hard over a number of years. To get those numbers, and consistently build those numbers, I’ve always found it easier to be a strong contract recruiter as opposed to a permanent recruiter.’

‘A lot of that has come from groundwork over the last 3, 4 years of building building building contractors. So, therefore, getting these numbers has been a lot easier.’

On maintaining the relationships Adam says ‘you need to be able to have hard conversations with candidates, and with clients.’

‘It just comes down to how you manage those relationships, how you manage those conversations.’

On the hard but necessary conversations, Adam says finances are a typical point of negotiation. ‘You’ve got to stand your ground on the financial element.’

For those who are looking to progress their careers, he says it all starts with timeless hard work and humility.

‘You need to work hard. You need to start at the bottom.’

‘If you’re not prepared to work hard, you will not get the fruits that you want.’


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