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Sunrise is the best medicine

There’s plenty of evidence about the benefits of getting up with the sun and a new initiative from our nursing agency NNA is helping early risers start the day on the right foot.

Most people understand nursing can be a stressful occupation and one of the best ways to alleviate that pressure is to talk about it. NNA Roster and Allocations Manager Niamh Kearns says that’s the thinking behind the introduction of “Sunrise walks” for their nurses on the stunning Sydney beachfront.

“Nursing is an incredibly rewarding career but, at times, it can be mentally and physically demanding,” Niamh said.

“I'm not a nurse myself, but have heard many stories over the years and thought a social gathering was a nice idea to bring them together to connect and exercise at the same time.

“I love to get up and embrace the day and living in Sydney, the beach gives us such a glorious backdrop to welcome the sun each morning. These walks are a chance to combine chatting and learning from one another all while experiencing the early morning sun in a stunning location”.

The first walk was at Sydney’s Coogee Beach earlier this month and Niamh says she’s planning more get togethers there and at other sites too.

“It went really well and everyone who joined us had a great time,” she said.

“I think they all benefited from walking and talking in a way it’s not always easy to do with non-nurses.
“But it was also a chance to meet new people and share interests outside of work. We had a couple of people bring their dogs along; they hit it off and went off together to keep chatting over coffee.”

Established as a family run business 25 years ago, NNA has grown, in size and reputation, in the years since and today is a highly respected provider of quality nurses across Sydney.

“We’re big enough to have an enviable reputation in the industry and great relationship with our clients,” she said.

“But we’re also lucky many of our nurses have been with us for years. It’s our focus on supporting to enjoy working in a such a rewarding career that has helped maintain these relationships and encourages interest from nurses looking to build their career with us.”

To learn more about NNA, or to apply for a role, visit the website.


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