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PeopleIN welcomes tech entrepreneur, Vu Tran, to the Board

PeopleIN is pleased to announce the appointment of Vu Tran to the PeopleIN Board - effective 1 July 2022. Vu joins PeopleIN as a Non-Executive Director, bringing a wealth of highly complementary experience and entrepreneurial thought leadership to the PeopleIN Group.

A medical professional and tech entrepreneur, Vu is the co-founder of Go1 - a venture capital-backed, e-learning company, recently valued at $2BN USD.

With approximately 5 million users worldwide, Go1 is a single online learning solution for organisations and individuals using the world's most comprehensive online library of learning resources developed by leading learning providers.

Vu’s skillset in leveraging technology to develop innovative solutions at scale will be invaluable to PeopleIN as it solidifies itself as a leader in the provision of technology-enabled talent solutions.

In addition to Go1, Vu is a practicing GP, with a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Bond University, and a Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). Working as a doctor for over 10 years, Vu understands first-hand the demands of the healthcare sector and what community and aged care look like on the ground. His understanding of the evolving role technology plays in this space will complement PeopleIN’s expanding service capability across these key growth sectors.

“I look forward to bringing my experience in technology, healthcare, community care, and growing business at scale to the PeopleIN Group.” – Vu Tran

As a member of the PeopleIN Board, Vu is keen to delve into the transformational role that PeopleIN plays in people’s lives. The ability for candidates, as well as employees, within the PeopleIN Group to stay within the same company for the duration of their working life, while upskilling and moving between roles is, as Vu says, a degree of mobility rarely seen in the Australian market.

Vu is proud father of two young children and the son of Vietnamese refugees, whom Vu credits for instilling his strong sense of learning and upskilling. Vu also sits on the board of Sporting Wheelies - an organisation that helps people with a disability access sport, recreation, and training.


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