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Overseas workers the key to unlocking Brisbane’s growth

Southeast Queensland has long been touted as one of the fastest population growth corridors in the country. With the announcement of the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane and other major projects, the focus is on sourcing the workers to build the infrastructure needed to keep pace with a rapidly expanding population.

New figures suggest that, within 20 years, an extra 1.5 million people could call Brisbane home. Kevin Richardson is the General Manager of PeopleIN’s permanent and contract recruitment solutions business AWX Executive and says, without enough local qualified construction professionals available, his business is looking at creative ways to source the labour needed.

“We’re seeing the Brisbane skyline change before our eyes and, with new projects being announced regularly, the skilled workforce needed to realise them is being stretched to the limit,” Kevin said.

“Queen’s Wharf, Cross River Rail, the Eagle Street Pier development and the infrastructure yet to commence for the Olympics. These projects will leave lasting legacies for the people of Brisbane to enjoy but first we need the people to build them.

“At AWX Executive we’re exploring sourcing talent from overseas; bringing in skilled white-collar workers for Property & Construction and Engineering space to complement local workers and enable developers to deliver these ambitious projects.

“The 482 Temporary Skills Shortage visa is designed to allow skilled workers to be sponsored by Australian employers, for period of two to four years, to fill a position within our labour market.

“Through our fellow PeopleIN owned brand, FIP Group, we’re highly experienced in sourcing overseas workers to fill gaps in the labour forces of Australian industries. In fact, FIP Group currently employs more than five thousand workers in the agricultural and food processing sectors through the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) scheme.

“With our international reach and extensive expertise in navigating the complex visa application process, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver high quality internationally sourced candidates and already have a growing number of people working with clients across the country.

“We’re currently engaged with several clients seeking talent for upcoming projects and assessing suitably qualified overseas professionals in careers identified under the Commonwealth Government’s Skilled Occupation List.

To learn more about AWX Executive visit our website.


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