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NNA & AHA celebrate 3 year anniversary with PeopleIN

Nathan Hodges and Juliet Aryana are the co-CEOs of the Healthcare and Community division at PeopleIN. It’s three years since PeopleIN acquired Network Nursing Agency (NNA) and Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA) and we’re marking the occasion by exploring how NNA and AHA went from humble roots to where they are today. Nathan takes us through the story.

‘NNA was originally a family run business, the founder was a nurse herself and she saw a particular skill shortage at a lot of sites that she was attending, so she formed Network Nursing Agency in 1997.’

The founder identified and solved two of the most pressing problems facing the nursing sector; skills shortages and opportunities for new graduates. AHA and NNA solved both problems.

‘When the agency came to fruition there was significant skills shortage, there was this giant crop of nurses that would qualify, but then not be able to get a new-grad placement anywhere.’

AHA refined the process via ‘a work-ready induction program’ and site placement.

AHA ‘took nurses that had completed their Bachelor of Nursing but had failed to get their first-year new grad program.’ According to Nathan, AHA ‘gave them a second opportunity to get into the market.’

AHA provides a value add for NNA by providing opportunities for nurses who want to work in education ‘they’ve been able to work at AHA as trainers and facilitators’

‘We’re able to upskill our existing staff, and also give them opportunities to diversify their work life by taking on other roles within AHA.’

However when it came to joining PeopleIN, it was a big step for the family-run business.

‘The nurse that launched Network Nursing Agency is actually Juliet and my Mother-in-law.’ Nathan adds.

‘So when I say it’s a family run business, that’s what I’m talking about.’

The negotiation process during the PeopleIN acquisition considered the emotional weight of selling the business, and from start to finish, took approximately three months to finalise.

‘The first thing that everyone thinks about is their legacy. If you imagine you’ve built something for 20 years and you’re going to sell it, are they going to come in and rip the logo off the wall, change the colour schemes?’

Nathan says ‘there was a really long process on behalf of the founder to make sure that she was comfortable, that she knew that her legacy would be secure.’

‘Once everyone was able to see firsthand the culture that was being implemented and the value and importance that was placed in each individual we were all in 100%.’

Joining PeopleIN ‘was instrumental in helping not only NNA and AHA as a business organisation reach their full potential, but also allowed the individuals within those businesses to be a part of that journey and progress in their own careers.’

‘With NNA being heavily involved in the state’s initiative to manage the pandemic.’ And to ‘help NSW residents get back to their daily routines.’ NNA is also currently playing a key role in the covid-19 vaccine rollout.

This brings NNA, and AHA full circle - to mobilise nurses to the sites where they are most needed.

‘The vision we had for both NNA and AHA has been realised by becoming part of PeopleIN. This has lead to better outcomes for the entire community with a larger, more highly skilled workforce of healthcare professionals available to provide assistance as a result.’

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