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INspiring leaders: Justin McNicol

'The ability to continue to run my business with operational independence was a big green light'. - Justin McNicol

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Justin McNicol, director and CEO of Techforce, to discuss Techforce joining the PeopleIN family and his big plans for the future.

From two people in the office to 90 million in turnover, Techforce has come a long way, and it was the commitment to long term growth and the security offered by PeopleIN that was a big drawcard for Justin.

Access to corporate services for business support, alongside integration with the wider

group were crucial elements. Being able to draw on the expertise added value and the

ease of the process allowed for a smooth transition.

Forging strong relationships with Declan Sherman, CEO of PeopleIN, and Executive

Director Tom Reardon, enabled the entire process to move from term sheet to completion in less than 12 weeks.

On working with Declan and the entire team, Justin says he ‘could not imagine better

people to go through that process with’.

‘They’re very humble, very down to earth hard-working individuals that are very driven’.

The acquisition, Justin says, was an ‘incredibly emotional process to go through'.

'However, the ability to continue to run my business with operational independence was a big green light'.

Looking forward to the next 3- 5 years Justin wants to create 'beneficial two-way relationships that are ‘commercially viable’ and sees geographical opportunities to grow brand presence within the PeopleIN group.

One of his hopes is that ‘the Techforce business and brand will become more aligned' with the PeopleIN group. ‘One of the things that I think I do well that I think that I bring to this entire group is understanding and leveraging on the abilities that we have as a group’.

If Justin's story or the story of Techforce resonates with you, explore our Industrial and

Specialist service brands here.


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