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‘I don’t believe that there is just candidates there for us, we're building an army’

So it is that Melissa Rubio marches into her new role as General Manager of Recruitment On Hire and joins the PeopleIN family. Armed with a firm belief that bridging the gap between ‘employees and clients’ and leveraging the ‘diverse opportunities' for nurses, the army will grow, there’s a lot to be excited about.

We were keen to learn more about Melissa so we had a chat recently about what attracted her to PeopleIN, where she believes the value sits for employees and what projects and initiatives she has in the pipeline.

Melissa says it was the unique way PeopleIN has grown by acquisition yet kept the

individual identity of the businesses within that attracted her to PeopleIN

'Despite the fact that those 5 businesses report to PeopleIN, they still have their own identity and own uniqueness.’

The goal, she says, is to bridge the gap between clients and employees and create

greater initiatives for the businesses to ‘invest more in the training and development of

nurses. Part of the challenge is that ‘a lot of the businesses that we’re working with have

very stringent criteria in order to onboard nurses and we’re trying to bridge that gap in

regards to coming up with different ideas.'

Innovation is at the forefront of Melissa's new role, via developing greater opportunities in health care.

‘We are working with a lot of hospitals. So we’re looking at getting into other areas. Areas like telehealth, health insurance, immunisation clinics - to be able to have that more diverse offering to candidates.’

Improving retention is another project on Melissa’s agenda, and she invites nurses to

‘keep an open mind in regards to potential roles that may interest them.’ Her advice for

talent is to try to avoid ‘tunnel vision’ and pigeon-holing yourself into a certain role that

you’ve traditionally filled, such as only working in aged care nursing or mental health

nursing. She says the key to overcoming this is to work collaboratively and give ‘genuine

feedback in regards to potential opportunities.’

For Melissa, her role comes down to one basic but vital element ‘Sparking their interest

and their passions around nursing and different areas of nursing’. Achieving this will ensure talented nurses fill diverse roles, and ultimately, build the army she speaks so passionately of.


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