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Growing PeopleIN - Meet Maria

Everybody, please meet Maria, our outstanding Marketing Manager for our Healthcare division. Today we're getting to know Maria a little more and get a little teaser on a new nurse rewards program.

Maria joined PeopleIN in 2019 after seeing the opportunities PeopleIN provided as a national group. "It was great to be part of a broader group. "We have healthcare businesses in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and I could manage each separately but together as a group. I'm able to work on unique challenges but also connect with people across the broader group".

With Maria and the marketing team's support, the Healthcare has seen significant growth since 2019, with brands First Choice Care and Carestaff Nursing Services both recording their biggest years ever in FY21.

Looking towards the future, Maria is excited to launch an innovative new rewards program that the team plans to have a big impact on the healthcare brands. "We'll be able to reward nurses for the work they do and ultimately increase year-on-year revenue by driving shift numbers for each of the businesses."

The importance of this initiative can't be understated. "This program will make us unique."

Maria's advice to other talent is simple. "Speak to everyone you can. Listen to advice. Taking that advice and applying it will take you far in an organisation like PeopleIN where there's so much expertise."

Thank you, Maria, for your continued hard work and dedication!

If you're interested in joining the PeopleIN family or would like to learn more about our Healthcare division visit


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