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George joins the $1,000,000 club

George Lloyd is a Senior Consultant at Halcyon Knights. In the last quarter alone, he’s been responsible for bringing in $370,000 in revenue, and joined the elusive ‘million-dollar club’.

He puts his success down to a few things; leadership, exercise and a healthy work-life balance - naturally, we wanted to learn more.

George says it all began back in the UK ‘I was working in outbound sales, field sales you could call it.’

‘I did that straight out of college, into an apprenticeship.’

After six years it was time for a change ‘So I handed in my resignation and decided to travel around South East Asia with my partner.’

Within 12 months George landed in Australia. He fell back into the same role he was doing in the UK. ‘I decided after about 6 months of doing that to hand in my resignation and then I received a message on LinkedIn from my previous manager.’ That message lead George to Halcyon Knights, where he’s been for two and a half years.

Managers have played an important role in his career progression.

‘The biggest number one factor for my success over the time that I’ve been here is the leadership and support.’

In particular, Halcyon Knights co-CEO Marcus Lynch stands out. ‘Some of the best leadership I’ve ever had.’ His leadership reinforced the work-life balance. ‘Last year was challenging, for many of us, and he was always at the forefront to ensure I was taking enough time for myself.’

Learning to give himself time has been a big lesson. ‘A real big factor for me was taking my own advice with regards to not overworking.’

‘In the first 6 months of recruitment, honestly, I was working 12, 15 hour days and you start to lose your love for it.’

Exercise has been a key to avoiding burnout. ‘Working out changed everything for me really. Also eating right. So if you feel good inside and out then you’re just gonna feel great overall.’

His advice to internal talent is not to rule out recruitment as a career option, and to consider the transferrable skills they have.

‘What we’re trying to do now is get people outside of the box, so insurance, salespeople whatever it may be.'

'I’m sure there’s quite a lot of people out there that would like to give it a crack but just don’t think that they can.’

‘I would implore people to give it a go truly. Not only financially, but the culture is second to none.’

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