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Embracing Equity and difference on International Women’s Day

Nearly one in five women living in Australia has a disability. International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to acknowledge that these women can face double discrimination in the form of both ableism and sexism, making the struggle to achieve equity a difficult one.

A part of PeopleIN’s Network Nursing Agency, NNA Direct Support Services was established to offer people living with disability, and those who care for them, an easy way to access flexible in-home support.

Manager of Nursing Services, Ellen Banks, says the role NNA DSS plays in enabling women with disabilities to be active participants in the communities in which they live is something which makes her immensely proud.

“For example, we work in households we’re stay-at-home Mums may have a disability, providing the support they need to run the household and to be present and involved contributors to the lives of their families,” Ellen said.

“We also work with women who don’t want to feel isolated at home. In many cases rather than having medical practitioners visit them for treatment at home, they seek the independence to attend these appointments in person and to take part in, and contribute to their communities. We help them do just that.

“In a year in which the theme for International Women’s Day is Embrace Equity, the fact we’re able to help enable the lives of these women, whose bravery and determination is a constant inspiration to everyone at NNA DSS, is a huge honour.”

To learn more about NNA DSS visit the website.


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