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Digital workforce management solution enhances experience for clients and workers

Clients and candidates of Australia’s leading workforce solutions business, PeopleIN, are benefiting from enhanced technology via the introduction of a new workforce portal and mobile app.

Launched first to clients and candidates of our community services staffing provider, Edmen Community Staffing Solutions, the worker app and client portal each sit on global workforce solution SalesForce. With cybersecurity and fraud risk a growing risk in the health sector, operating within one of the world’s most trusted customer relationship and ecommerce ecosystems gives us, and clients, heightened confidence.

The mobile app, Active by PeopleIN, resolves the instability issues of its predecessor and adds new features to improve the shift experience. Workers clock on and off at the beginning and end of their shifts within the app, while geolocation automatically shows where they are working that day.

Integration with Salesforce means the shift data is transferred straight to payroll, something PeopleIN Chief Finance Officer, Megan Just, says is a big step forward.

“Directly integrating with our finance system means shift data is now immediately available. The information is received by our payroll team, enhancing the speed with which it is processed,” Megan said.

Edmen is Australia’s largest staffing provider in community services, providing staff to more than 3,000 locations across the country. Edmen’s General Manager, Marlyn Soulakelles, says the portal makes information on where, and when their staff are working, easily accessible to clients.

“Each year we fill more than 300 thousand shifts nationally. The nature of community services means shifts and the needs of our clients can often change so, technology which is flexible and responsive for clients and candidates, is really important,” Marlyn said.

“The new portal gives our clients visibility over all of the worksites where we provide them with staff, in one place. It displays start and finish times, absences and more. It also includes customisable reporting options so our clients can easily access the information most important to them in real-time.”

Active by PeopleIN and the Workforce Management Portal are currently available to clients and workers of Edmen Community Staffing Solutions however it’s planned the roll out of these services will continue to other businesses within PeopleIN’s family of brands in the future.


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