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Congratulations to Maverick Fox

Congratulations to Maverick Fox, another success story from our Indigenous Employment Program (IEP).

Maverick joined the Indigenous Employment Program in May 2020.

He completed stage 1 through Myuma where this training provided him with the skills necessary to develop and gain knowledge within the mining industry. While the training provided him with skills and knowledge, it also helped build his confidence.

Once stage 1 was completed, Maverick and a handful of trainees successfully progressed to stage 2, which was to complete 12 weeks of employment onsite.

In this phase, Maverick quickly learnt the importance of being safety aware. He also learned skills in surface labouring, machinery and mixing of chemicals at the Reagent plant.

After 3 months onsite, Maverick was offered a casual position through AWX which he held for 11 months before he was offered a permanent contract with Glencore, which commenced this month.

Since launching IEP in 2019, PeopleIN has registered and inducted over 1000 Indigenous employees by using strategic recruitment, selection and induction campaigns. Over 700 Indigenous employees have been placed locally into work with our industry partners, including Maverick.


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