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Clients dive into a sea of science talent

He studied for a career as an ocean scientist but now Yunaldi Putra is making waves at PeopleIN’s recruitment solutions business AWX Executive, delivering great results for State and Federal Government clients.

“I studied oceanography in Indonesia as I’d always been fascinated by the sea,” Yunaldi said.

“The country comprises thousands of islands and the ocean is a big part of our culture. Studying how tidal patterns, the impact of the sea on coastlines, ecosystems and the threat of tsunami is important work.

“I loved it and it will always be an important interest in my life (and I’ll definitely continue to scuba dive), but I decided it wasn’t the career for me.”

In 2016 Yunaldi moved to Australia. After working in agriculture, he discovered recruitment and joined AWX Executive in 2021. He was able to apply his knowledge of what clients require in scientific roles and the needs of candidates to establish the business’s “scientific desk”; a dedicated function targeting the identification, recruitment, and hiring of candidates with specialised scientific skillsets.

Yunaldi has made a name for himself with key clients by finding strong candidates for long term contracts. He says many have proven such strong employees they’ve been offered permanent roles.

“I’ve been working with government departments for the past couple of years and have placed a variety of scientific roles,” he said.

“It’s been really pleasing that many have proven themselves quickly, exceeding expectations and have been offered permanent roles.

“For me this underlines a couple of things. It highlights we’ve been able to find high calibre candidates who clients have been keen to retain as long-term members of their teams. It also shows a strong record of success in finding permanent roles for our candidates, something that’s often difficult when working with government.”

Yunaldi’s journey from oceanography to recruitment and commitment to finding the best outcomes for his clients and candidates, has seen him make a big splash at AWX Executive. He’s established a thriving recruitment pathway for scientific roles, demonstrating the importance of matching the right talent to the right position.

To learn more about AWX Executive visit the website.


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