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'Be memorable' award winner: Sophie Yang

Sophie Yang is a Lead Consultant for Halcyon Knights and the latest recipient of the values award for “Be memorable”. She brings authenticity to her customer service in an industry where often ‘recruiters treat candidates very 'transactionally', where every time they get a call or a message from a recruiter they think oh, what do they want from me now?’

Along side being genuine, regular communication is incredibly important to build strong rapport.

‘I’ll probably call a candidate that I’m working with, at least twice a week - whether I have news for them or not - if they’re in the interview process if they are in the offer process or if they have an offer and they’re working out their notice period.’

‘I’ll call them quite frequently, or even just text them quite frequently and really just treat them like a friend more than a work-related relationship.’

Sophie says coming to Halcyon Knights allowed her to be herself ‘I don’t have to have that façade. I’ve been more casual with the people I deal with. I will often talk about my personal life with them and ask them about their personal how I would talk to an actual friend of mine.’

‘When I contact them I want them to feel like I’m calling them or messaging them because I actually care and I just want to see what’s happening with them.'

'Often I’ll be calling them just to check-in, not with any real information or anything like that. I don’t want them to see me calling and be like ‘oh what does she want?’ I want them to see me calling and be like ‘I would love to catch up with Sophie, talk about life, talk about what’s happening in their world, in their job and just have a normal chat.’

Mindful of the importance of flexibility in communication styles between her roles in recruitment and HR and talent acquisition, Sophie says the relationship can go both ways, ‘a candidate could turn into a client and a client could turn into a candidate and that has happened quite a number of times.’

Sophie says advice for other recruiters keen to develop their career in PeopleIN is ‘be organised with follow-ups.’

‘If you're not organised you’re starting new relationships over and over again.’

‘With the candidates that I think are really strong or candidates who I think will be worthwhile building that relationship, I’ll be following up with them not just while I’m working with them, even if they get another job not through me, I’ll continue to follow up with them and make sure I don’t lose touch with them.'


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