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'Be Human' award winner - Todd McKay

When AWX Operations Managers Todd McKay was faced with an injured driver on a Friday afternoon, he didn’t hesitate to personally take action above and beyond the call of duty. We sat down to learn more about the story and the man who is our latest recipient of the ‘Be Human’ award.

‘One of our drivers that works for Remondis - waste management, was just taking his lunch break and he’s jumped up to sit on the back of the truck.’

‘He’s quite a tall guy so he’s banged the top of his head on the corner of the truck.’

‘He’s cracked his head open. He’s given us a call to let us know that it’s happened.’

Todd went out the site ‘he was fine, there was a little bit of blood.’

‘I wanted to get him looked at just in case. Check for the concussion. It looked like a fairly significant bump.’

‘So I went out and picked him up, made sure he was ok, to begin with. Took him down to one of our local medical centres that takes walk-ins.’

Todd stayed with the injured driver. ‘I sat with him to make sure, he did have to get stitches, get everything all checked out. I hung around with him, made sure he was alright ‘cause he was starting to feel a little bit sickly.’

After receiving the all-clear for return to work from the GP Todd drove the driver ‘back to the yard so he could check back in with the supervisors, make sure that everything was good to go, make sure that being a casual that there wasn’t any risk of him losing his position of anything like that, which they were fine with. We managed to convince them/they offered to still pay him for the day which is good.

’ After this Todd drove home with the driver ’to ensure that he got home safe.’ The driver returned to work the following Monday and is fine.

Todd says ‘I really try to push the care factor, especially in the branch that I’m working in. I feel like candidate retention can be an issue sometimes, so rather than necessarily spending all of our time finding new candidates, I really like to focus on keeping the good ones, the good guys that we’ve got, the good workers that we’ve got out there - and trying to keep them in the branch.’

Todd's advice for others looking to take that extra step beyond their job description and be more human is an important reminder. ‘It’s very easy to get caught into thinking about the numbers.’

‘It’s nice to kind of remember that they are still people, and they do appreciate what we do for them, not just getting a paycheque.’


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