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AWX adds spark to David’s career

David Twaddle with AWX's Colette Dearing

Work ethic, a desire to work with and help others, and the ability to learn new skills quickly, has paid off for an onhire worker from PeopleIN’s labour solutions business AWX.

Father of three, David Twaddle, first joined AWX as a labourer on a large solar panel installation project in central Queensland’s Rockhampton. Interviewed for the role by AWX Account Manager Colette Dearing, it was clear David was motivated to create a better future for himself and his family.

“David interviewed so well. He was honest, driven and he wanted to work.”

Since joining AWX, David's motivation to excel on the job has been fuelled by his personal responsibilities, including providing for his three children aged 12, four and three.

"The energy from the team I work with keeps me going, it keeps me waking up in the morning," David said.

He added that his experience working with AWX has been very positive and he's motived by a desire to see other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers succeed.

“I’ve received more support and help at AWX compared to other agencies I’ve been employed by. They’ve helped me with everything I need, from uniforms and paperwork, to transport to site when I need it.

“Now I help new starters out by guiding them on what to do, motivating them to keep their head down and supporting them to reach out for help when they need it. I like to connect with people at work by being myself and enjoy the respect and responsibility that comes with being a mentor."

David’s dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed, and with support from AWX, he has recently been offered a traineeship position in Brisbane as Colette explains.

“The client has offered him work in Brisbane and a traineeship in electrical engineering to secure his Certificate III in Electrotechnology,” she said.

“This significant opportunity will provide David with formal qualifications to become a fully qualified electrician.”

David shared what the training opportunity means to him.

“It’s a big change for me and my family and little ones. It also makes me a good role model for my little brothers. They see how much I love my job and what I’m doing now,” said David.

From overcoming initial employment hurdles to becoming a mentor, David's story highlights the importance of perseverance. His experience serves as a testament to the power of resilience and hard work in achieving professional success.


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